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White Golden Retriever Puppies, NJ                                                      

Specializing in Longevity, Temperament and Beauty


Our past Maximus puppies (shown above) were simply gorgeous. Those families lucky enough to have reserved early, received beautiful healthy puppies.  Read what they have to say.  Plan ahead and reserve a puppy early.     Spoken forses, NJ, New Jersey


English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are often referred to as white Golden Retriever Puppies or Blonde Golden Retriever pups. We are a small conscientious holistic and homeopathic specialized breeder of top quality AKC Certified, White English Cream Golden Retrievers with an emphasis on Longevity. Our Golden Retriever puppies and their parents are being tended to 24/7 in our loving home and treated as if they are our children. We do not kennel them ever. Our Golden Retriever pups have wonderful personalities, beauty and intelligence that comes from both proprietary breeding and genetics.  Everything your White English Cream Golden Retriever puppy is and will ever be begins in the womb. This is where we focus our utmost attention. As a Specialized Breeder in Longevity, I supply all new owners the tools needed to help protect their new Golden Retriever's health throughout his/her lifetime thus giving your puppy a fighting chance to live well beyond what is considered an accepted age of 10 years old.  Note: Longevity has nothing to do with the color of a Golden nor is it a stroke of luck. Longevity must be learned. - Ultimately, we want our White English Cream Golden Retriever puppy to live a very long, happy and healthy life with you and your family.   If the lifespan of our Golden Retriever puppy is important to you, as it should be, please take the time to fill out our "Contact Us" form on this page. I will get back to you ASAP. All our puppies make wonderful devoted companions as my testimonials from past owners reflect. Owning one will be a once in a lifetime experience. Our puppies are and have always been our utmost concern.










Terms and Conditions: A Deposit to reserve a puppy from either litter is Non-Refundable.   Canceling your "promise of deposit" or us not receiving your deposit within 72 hours or for any reason, automatically renders the buyer and family disqualified for any upcoming pups and any future pups from any of our litters. Our holistic healthy pups are sold as pets only with limited Registration. We offer the buyer 20 years of holistic and homeopathic experience and specialize in a natural approach to breeding and teaching new owners how to achieve a long lifespan for their new puppy.  Our three proprietary lessons are in place to help the buyer achieve a much extended lifetime with their new puppy.  Please remember, our sweet puppies are now and have always been our utmost concern. They cannot speak for themselves and are totally dependent on what the new owner does for them throughout their lifetime. Therefore, these very important lessons must be learned prior to receiving a puppy. If prospective buyer is not interested in learning how to achieve a much extended lifespan with our puppy, we ask the buyer kindly look elsewhere. If a buyer has a deposit sent in already and is found to have little or no desire to learn our lessons to keep our puppy safe through out his/her life, the buyer will be terminated and their deposit will be forfeited  Remember, the buyer is not buying a puppy from a conventional breeder. Shade of puppy can never be guaranteed . Mother Nature has the final word. No breeders please. Our Puppies are sold with Limited Registration only

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Meet our very pretty female Pepper. What a sweet English Cream Golden Retriever she turned out to be. Her past puppies have been proven nothing short of wonderful. All puppies spoken for.




  An elderly 85 year old woman called me recently wanting to purchase a puppy and shared with me that her Golden Retriever (not one of ours) just passed away at 25 years old.  I gave her my condolences and asked her what she attributed her Golden's long life to. After speaking with her at length, I realized that she understood what it took to achieve longevity in her Golden.

 All our new Golden Retriever Puppy owners will be given the tools to learn all of what it takes to achieve a long life from me with their puppy. New owners should not have to accept their beloved Golden Retriever will be doomed statistically get cancer and die young 73% of the time between 3 and 10 years old! These are very sad national statistics.   I will teach every new owner with three proprietary lessons (via e-mail) how to give our puppy a fighting chance to live a much longer lifespan than most Vet's that would consider a Golden to live (10 years old).   I want our puppy, we provide to you, to live a full and happy life and not a life that is all to often cut in half with cancer and disease resulting in emotional heartbreak and huge Vet bills often far exceeding the cost of one of our puppies. I will teach you how to achieve an extended lifespan! That's my promise to you. If however, your not interested in learning my three lessons to keep our puppy safe, please look elsewhere. There are plenty of breeders who would love to sell you one of their Golden's.  White Golden Retriever pups, NJ

 Feel free to ask me why our puppies have no parasites when born, no hip dysplasia, no eye, heart and lung or joint issues . Ask me why we have no runts in any of our litters!

                              White English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies, NJ

                        White Golden Retrievers puppies

Our white, English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies will be considered for placement from qualified applicants in all the lower 48 USA states in  only: New Jersey, NJ,  New York, NY, Pennsylvania, PA, Connecticut, CT, Massachusetts, Mass, MA, Maryland, MD,  Delaware, DE,  Florida, FL, FLA ,Texas, TX, Rhode Island, RI,  California, CA,  Arizona, AZ, Washington DC, District of Columbia, Virginia, VA,  North Carolina, NC,  South Carolina, SC,  Colorado, CO,  Washington, WA, Oregon OR, Tennessee, TN,  Vermont, VT,  Georgia, GA,  Tennessee, TN, Maine, ME,  New Hampshire, NH ,  Michigan,  MI,  Georgia, GA,  Mississippi, MS,  Ohio, OH,  Utah,  UT, Wisconsin, WI,  West Virginia,  WV,  Wyoming, WY,  Indiana, IN,  Montana, MT, Nebraska, NE,  Kansas, KA,  Alaska, AK,  Alabama, AL,  Illinois, IL,  Iowa, IA,  Kentucky, KY,  Maine, ME,  Idaho, ID,  Minnesota, MN,   Oklahoma, OK,  Louisiana, LA,  Alabama, AL,  AR, Arkansas,  North Dakota, ND,  South Dakota, SD, Wisconsin, WI, Missouri, MO,  New Mexico, NM,  as well as other lower 49 states.

White Golden Retriever Puppies, Connecticut, CT





















                   White Golden Retriever Pups

























































          20 Years Holistic and Homeopathic    Breeder Experience



   Do you currently own a beloved pet and would like to give him/her a Longer Lifespan:

   Please fill out my Health Form and write down any question you have about your dog and the best time to reach you, I will do my best to reach out to you. 


  Meet Maximus, our Sweet and handsome blocky head, AKC Certified, English Cream Golden Retriever Male stud. His championship linage traces back to "Dew Mist Kennels" in Sweden.  He is our pride and joy. 

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White Golden Retriever Puppies, New Jersey, NJ




If your lucky enough to have reserved early, you will be rewarded with the sweetest Maximus/Pepper puppy you will ever know. Read what owners have to say about our Golden Retriever puppies. See Pepper and Maximus's past puppies.


History Of The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever,– three_-puppiesGolden as they were first registered by The Kennel Club of England in 1903, are a breed of dog with a documented history that stems from Scottish royalty. Originally bred for hunting, the Golden Retriever has a great reputation for their skill and proficiency as hunters, family pets, and magnificent looking dogs. The roots of the this particular breed can be definitively traced back to Sir Dudley Marjoribanks who was also known as Lord Tweedmouth, for the specific goal of trying to create a breed of dog that would be skilled in the hunt for waterfowl, and worthy of an aristocrat. What transpired from Lord Tweedmouth’s meticulous breeding program is a unique dog that is not only intelligent, kind, loyal, and hard working, but able to traverse difficult terrain in the pursuit of game.  Lord Tweedmouth was a wealthy land developer who resided in Guisachan, an estate in the Scottish Highlands of Glen Affric near Inverness-shire where hunting game was both sport and a means of putting food on the table. Lord Tweedmouth was a very proficient breeder who was able to successfully foster a number of animals such as Scottish ponies and cattle, and most notably the Golden Retriever. The reason we have such an accurate account of Lord Tweedmouth’s Golden Retriever is for no other reason than he kept an excellent account of exactly what dogs were brought together to form this breed. Moreover, The Golden Retriever’s breeding history was made public by the Earl of Ilchester, a great nephew of Lord Tweedmouth, in 1952. As a result, we know that the Golden Retriever descends from two specific dogs, one of which is a yellow Wavy-Coated Retriever named Nous, British for “common sense or intelligence,” purchased in 1865, and comes from the St. John’s Newfoundland and Irish setter. Nous was the only retriever pup of yellow color in an otherwise black litter that he purchased from a cobbler in Brighton, bred by Lord Chichester. Nous’ mate was a liver colored Tweed Water-Spaniel named Belle from Ladykirk on the Tweed, and some accounts suggest that she descended from a St. John’s water dog, due to her retriever like look. Without a deeper examination of the history of each of these dogs, we cannot say with complete accuracy as to their ancestry. However, what we do know is that the Tweed Water-Spaniel no longer exists, and from these two dogs a litter of four was produced that set in motion today’s Golden Retriever.  

The History of the Golden Retriever Continued.....     White Golden Retriever Puppies, NJ





















































What's Included With Your New Puppy:

1) AKC (American Kennel Club) Limited registration papers given

(With a copy of all vet bills and Vet neuter or spade certificate at 16 months of ownership )

2) Homeopathic de-worming 

3) Three lessons designed to educate you to what causes cancer and how to avoid it with your (Golden-99% effective)

4) Holistic Puppy/Adult Notes including Disease and Cancer-prevention Education  

5) A general care overview.

6) 1 year health Guarantee (when you follow my good health protocol)

7) Limited Lifetime telephone support 


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Twenty Years HOLISTIC Breeder Experience!






























































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“What is man without the

beasts? If the beasts were gone,

man would die from a great loneliness

of spirit. For whatever happens

to the beasts soon happens to man.

" ~Chief Seattle


 All our puppies are VERY sweet natured, loveable, Loyal, very healthy and well socialized before you receive one . You should Plan ahead and reserve one of our  English Cream Golden Retriever puppies before they are sold out! Lucky are those that will own a puppy from Pepper and Maximus. 


According to Dr. George C Pack, MD, a cancer specialist at Cornell Medical School

"Almost everyone has cancer cells present at times in our bodies.    If our immune system is working properly, these cells are killed or reabsorbed by our defense system before they begin to grow and threaten our health. The only real defense against cancer is the immune system."

White English Cream Golden Retriever puppies, NJ






"Cali, your pup, (now 9 years old), has been great-Best dog we’ve ever owned. Super smart, and temperament couldn’t be better. 
Hope you guys are well"

Jeff Kent
Los Angeles, Dodgers--2nd Base
Retired in Texas                 Read more

White Golden Retriever Puppies, CT, Connecticut

White Golden Retriever pups, NJ, New Jersey