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Our English Cream Goldens  

Each one of these testimonials is authentic, and unsolicited reports from actual owners.

We would like to thank all the individuals and families who have taken the time to send us their testimonials and pictures as well. We take much pride in allowing each and every Golden Puppy we help bring in to this world to reach their full potential both mentally and physically. The fruits of our labor and knowledge we have brought to you for your Golden Retriever are shown here in each of your testimonials.  

 My wife and I truly enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your comments.



"Our Puppy Salt, is hands down the best dog we've ever met, let alone had as a family member.
She's very easy to train, has an incredible, wonderful temperament, and is fabulous with the kids
She's my work mascot, and loves to take naps just next to my chair in my home office.
You have a great breed here Skip, well done indeed."

Bjorn S.

Goleta, California


You are the most conscientious loving breeder there is. Never have seen a questionnaire like yours for any purchase of any animal not to mention your effort to be sure your children get the right food and vitamins. It just happens that you and I are exactly alike in regards to our dogs and any other pet.
I am more protective of my dogs than I was with my children when they were young. 

Nancy says I spoil Cooper too much. I tell her there is no too much when it comes to Cooper or any of our other dogs. They all get equal treatment, food and loving. OK so I sneak a little extra for Cooper. After all he does sleep with me with my hand touching him all night.

Wished you lived next door to me.
what a time we would have.

Your friend
Lynn G.

Retired Film Producer in CA.
P.S. Cooper says hi grandpa.


"Been a while, just want to let you know my 2-Golden's are 12-1/2 years old now, and since on these natural products you recommended, their mobility has improved. A recent Vet trip (wellness) the Veterinarians were amazed by their mobility and health, they don't see many dogs this active at this age.

Thank you again for the right direction on helping me on their osteoarthritis and overall health." 

Thanks so much 

Bob P.


Our puppy (Lula) (9 weeks old) is AMAZING!!!!  I've never, EVER met a puppy like this.  She is housetraining beautifully.  She sleeps like a dream.  And her personality is indescribable. Your breeding practices really show in our puppy. Thank you.

Judy R.


"Cali, your pup, now 9 years old, has been great-best dog weíve ever owned.  Super smart, a hunter, and temperament couldnít be better. 
Hope you guys are well"
Jeff Kent

Professional Baseball Player 2nd Base

Los Angeles Dodgers

Retired in Texas


"Sorry for just now getting back to you!  Thank you so much for the pics!  We are absolutely loving our new baby "Izzie"..She is such a happy and fun loving puppy!  I think she feels like a princess most days as she get SO much attention!  Needless to say, my children adore her!!  She is spoiled rotten!!
I gave your info to a friend of mine who may contact you about potentially buying a puppy.  Her name is Julie ..she may have already called you!
I am attaching a couple of pics of Izzie...thank you so much for such a special puppy! 
Gemmi :)"  

Brian Schottenheimer

NFL NY Jets Offensive Coach

Now with the Jacksonville Jaguars


"I am not even sure how to begin writing this email, because I can't find the right words to express my gratitude to you both for allowing my family to raise one of your puppies. Tayler has been with us for over 3 months now and she is more then we could ever have hoped for in a new family member.

After my last 2 American Golden's died young this winter from cancer, my husband and I began looking at other breeds in order to avoid getting our hearts ripped out again by the "Golden cancer curse". We read up on all large breed dogs and inevitably decided another Golden Retriever was the only right fit for our family. That being said, we decided to change it up a little and go for an English Golden this time and to spend more time trying to find a breeder with a similar philosophy to good health as we have for our own human children. That is when we stumbled upon your website. Everything you spoke of regarding high immune system and low toxins spoke to me, and I felt we had hit the jackpot in breeders.

By the time we found you, we were able to secure 4th pick male or 1st pick female of Woofy's upcoming litter. I told you I was hesitant to get another female, because my first female dog was hyper until her final breath at 10.5 years old. You told me that Goldens should not be hyper dogs if bred well and so in order to get the first pick of Woofy's litter, we decided to take your word for it and go for another female. I am beyond happy to report that at almost 5 months old, Tayler is AMAZING!!! She is ridiculously sweet and as calm as any puppy I have ever seen. People cannot believe how old she is when I tell them she isn't even 5 months yet. She has made me look like the dog whisperer! While I have worked with her a lot on training and socialization, I can't even take the credit, because it really is who she is innately as a puppy. She behaves like a mature middle aged dog. My husband and I keep waiting for the day when she starts jumping and acting looney, yet in my heart I know that isn't going to happen.

Not only is Tayler calm, she is also extremely intelligent and has been a breeze to train thus far. She has slept through the night since the first week we got her and picked up on the sit and down commands quickly. Would you believe that we can already put a very enticing treat between her 2 front paws and she will successfully "leave it" until she hears her release words "that'll do"? It is VERY impressive! She has also learned that she may only come on the couch when invited. In the evening when my kids go to sleep and I sit on the couch to relax, she comes up to me, sits quietly and looks at me with those puppy dog eyes. She is clearly asking, "May I come snuggle?" Of course I almost always invite her up, but if I tell her no, she lies down on the floor and does not ask again.

Tayler's personality is not the only jaw dropping characteristic about her. Her beauty is also astounding. Everyone who meets her refers to her as the "calendar puppy". Her sweet face matches her wonderful temperament and I now KNOW we hit the jackpot in breeders.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping to mend our family after the loss of Marley and Taj by blessing us with Tayler Jam. She is EVERYTHING we hoped for in a puppy and a whole lot more.

Enjoy the pics,
Emily and family"




"In my two year search for an English Golden I selected "Our English Cream Golden's". Their approach to caring for their puppies is beyond any breeder I have found.  I was amazed at the information that is provided on his website.  "Our English Cream Golden's" offers a wealth of knowledge online and personally.  I was impressed by his screening of potential buyers for his pups.  They keep you informed as the process progresses. When the selected Dam/Sire goes in heat, to the time the first puppy is born.  They provide you with links to read , recommends a book to read that will support your knowledge with the Holistic approach in raising a healthy puppy thru adulthood.  The owner was generous with his knowledge in helping me with my 13 year old Golden Dewlee by recommending certain products, which made a huge difference in his overall health. 

"Our English Cream Golden's" are dedicated breeders and invest countless hours in the puppies well being.  When we arrived to pick out our puppy, we found the pups to be stunning in looks and their demeanor was outstanding.  The puppies are well socialized and next to impossible to pick!  I was impressed at their schedule for viewing the puppies, with time for the puppies to nap before the next viewing.  This demonstrates, that his puppies well being are his only concern.  Throughout the entire process, being responsive to each and every question you may have if the Holistic approach is new to you. He advises you on what to expect on your first Veterinarian visit, answers any questions you may have.  The owners are dedicated breeders, they will welcome you into their home when it comes time to pick out your puppy and assist you in picking from the most flawless litter of puppies I have ever had the opportunity to choose from.  I have had the joy of owning 5 English Golden's, this by far has been the most educational, interactive and amazing journey.  Bozlee will arrive this week, and I am confident that I will be assisted with any questions I will have along the way.  I highly recommend "Our English Cream Golden's" as the Breeder of Choice for your Golden, you will not be disappointed! "

                                                                     CuteGoldenPups Reviews
Marilyn and Bill



I thought I would attach a few recent pictures of Riley.  She is growing like a weed!  Her body is getting sooo long right now.  It's almost like you can see her growing.  She's at 26.5 pounds, right on target with what our vet said, that she would gain 2 lbs. per week.  Housebreaking, I'd say about 90% as long as I am on top of reminding her to go out.  For only 3 months old I think she's doing really well with it.  We throw the toys and she returns them, she sits on command always.  When I say "bedtime" she heads for the bedroom.  And if I say "the puppies are out," she knows it means the dogs next door are outside and she always runs to the door to go see them and play through the fence.  She's just a joy!  We go on leash walks every day and she really does well on the leash. 
Enjoy the pictures, all taken in the last week!  The one where she's on the deck, just wanted you to see how long she is getting.  She loves to watch the birds and butterflies!  ........ Ed & Cheryl




LOL this is so funny. You've seen pictures of Cooper on my lap in the office. LOL He's still climbing up on my lap today but its getting harder for him as he is so big. LOL But after sticking to it he finally got all of himself on my lap on my desk Chair like before. I love him so much every minute of every day. He is by my side nearly every minute of every day. His head is starting to block up and he is so handsome. I think he really loves me too. I feel it so much. He is never to far from me.

There are times he gets a certain look on his face an raises his ears squaring of his head and I look at him and my mind says "God he's beautiful" He is so loving and loves his Siberian Husky brother.

OH MY GOD HIS HAIR IS SO SOFT!  IT'S LIKE SILK. IN 11 GOLDEN'S in my life time, I'VE NEVER FELT SUCH SILKY HAIR. When I reach down at the petting station next to my bed at night when the lights are out I know by touch if Cooper is there or not.

Never had a dog that loved me so much as Cooper. He climbs up on my lap about 6 or 7 times a day in my office chair which you have seen to cuddle.

In the morning before I get out of bed he jumps his front half of his body on my chest. On some occasions he jumps his whole body up on my side of the bed and all he wants is to be held and loved which of course he gets every time. My wife doesn't like it. She says the other dogs get jealous. I don't see that at all.
Other times I hear him crying and I go to him and hold him and he stops right away.
I love it when he does that as I know he needs me to cuddle him.

He is just so sweet, adorable, friendly, cute and clean and fluffy. I am telling you for true if you could see him in public with the gun customers you would be bursting with pride. An old Navy Seal from Seal Team 2 in Vietnam was there today. He knows "Cooperpuss" and just loves him. He makes a big deal over Cooper.

Lynn G.

Emmy Nominated Film Producer, CA.



Sofie is happy and healthy. She's wonderful ! Thanks to you both.



It's hard to believe we've had Willow exactly 1 year today! We love her! She is a beautiful girl and is a big part of our family.
Enjoy some pictures from last year and last month when we went to Vermont.
Happy Spring!
Jennifer and Mary


Here's our beautiful Bella. This time she's in the driver seat of a Jeep, not the white convertible!   As long as she's going for a ride with Mom, or Daddy, she's a happy camper.  
She absolutely loves the beach, we bring her to a very secluded little beach area, and she could stay for hours if you let her.  She mainly likes to run along the shoreline looking for baitfish.  
What a love-bug we have with Bella. She is  a huge bed hog, but that's okay, winter is coming, and she and I both like to snuggle!  
Again thanks so very much.  I cannot imagine a life without her in it.  My son 
Jack who just started grade 8, just said" hey mom, wanna know something?, Bella really is my best friend", we both got all teary-eyed, but she really is.  
She's. Certainly worked her way into everyone's heart.  Without a doubt!
Okay, time to go.  Hope you're all doing fabulous, and the dogs, I hope they're all wonderful as well.
Time to run!
Take good care,
Tara, Steve, Casey, Jack, and Bella!🐶




We are writing this email to thank you for our new family member, "Orio". He is just adorable, Our life revolves around him. He is only 3 months now and already knows sit, hi 5, hello, down, roll, hands up. He even sits on the small stool with the command. He is very intelligent and playful. 
Rahul and I are so fortunate to meet you both. We are really grateful for all the lessons you have shared with us. We feel much aware and educated now on how to take care of our baby "Orio" and see him grow into a healthy and adorable dog.

 I remember the day when he skipped his meal once and we got all worried and anxious.  It was nothing and he is all hearty and healthy. But you were there all the time to help us, when we didn't know what happened. Thanks for your support. We are following your guidelines for a HEALTHY dog religiously. 

You both are amazing, responsible and dedicated breeders. We appreciate all your efforts in raising your dogs holistically and providing support and guidance to families who adopt them.
We can't wait to see our little "Orio" become a beautiful and magnificent dog like his daddy, Max. 
Please let us know if you are on Facebook or whenever you join. We would be more than happy to like your page and leave our compliments there as well.
We highly recommend
"Our English Cream Goldens" to be the go-to Breeders. Anyone would be lucky to get a dog from them. 
Attaching pictures of "Boo-Boo's" brother our darling "Orio". We love him so much!!
Thanks again,
Nidhi and Rahul



Our sweet boy, Orio (from last year's Fluffy and Max's litter) turned one this June 6th!!! Orio has turned into a sweet and handsome boy and we get compliments everywhere we take him. He is doing great and has turned really strong. 
He makes us proud. We thank you for Orio. He is more than everything we could have ever asked for.
Thanks again for everything! We were lucky to have met you.
Nidhi and Rahul





 Hope all is well with you and your wife, and all your dogs and puppies.  We are enjoying Moses sooooo much.  He has an excellent personality and demeanor.  He is so much fun with his little quirks. So I just wanted to touch base to say how pleased we are with Moses.  John often says we should have gotten another one from you.   But, HE is awesome, I get compliments everywhere we go.  Have an awesome rest of the summer.  I will send pics of Moses if you would like to see him.  He grew to be quite a HANDSOME boy!!!

Kim S.



We just got back from vacation over the weekend. Willow is doing great! She is really a smart puppy easy to train. She already knows commands sit, stay, come, no, and leave it. Last time we checked she was 22 pounds. She's really a great puppy!
I'm going to send you a video of her finding out her love of water.
Hope all is well,



The other day someone asked me what breeder I got my dog from because they were interested in getting a golden puppy so I gave them your web site to look at.   I haven't been on your site in so long that I went on to see and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you still had my notes and the picture of Sam still up there.   Thank you!  

Sam was a product of Hollywood and Ginger.  He's 6 years old now and still the best dog in the world!   Here's a picture of him on TV.  He's been on the Pet Stop show quite a few times.  The Pet Stop show is on channel 12 on Cablevision.   My son-in-law is a dog trainer and whenever they ask him to be on the show, he always takes Sam with him. 

Thanks again for Sam!
Kathy C.

One of our Gorgeous American Golden's we used to breed



 Just wanted to check in with you.   I have read and re-read your 2nd lesson, your Toxins page.  Itís amazing when I look back at what Iíve done to my two previous Goldens.  I always thought that I was taking the best care of them that I could by following the Vetís instructions.

They were well loved, fed and nurtured but with the misguided notion that I was doing what was best for them.   The first died of cancer without us even knowing she had cancer and the second survived surgery to remove a tumor only to have a recurrence 6 months later.  

 I will tell you that I am finished with lesson two but I donít think I will ever be finished!  Every page leads to another link and if I wasnít already working, it could become a full time job!  I am looking forward to lesson three.

 I hope all is well with you and your beautiful dogs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 Thank you.

 Karen Smith



Just a quick update:

Layla is amazing ... Kind ... Loving ... Gentle ... Smart ... Well behaved ... Eager to learn!  
Our trainer (Steve D.), who is a very experienced and well regarded trainer (he's often an expert witness in dog-related cases and has been interviewed about dog training on TV many times) thinks that she is extraordinary!  He is really impressed with her and her disposition.

He told me that he may want your contact information.  


I'll keep you updated and I'll send some pictures soon. 

Thanks again!!

Randy E.


"She's as sweet as she is gorgeous!  What a personality, reminds me of her daddy Max!  She's mastered her hug, and her kisses...Our little "kissing bandit"..We love her so....
Thank you so very much! "

A Gorgeous Fluffy/Maximus Puppy



Good morning !

I have received your lesson and notes...I haven't had a chance, yet to look everything over but will in the next couple of days.

The puppies are all beautiful! And your dogs are gorgeous and sweet. It was so nice to finally meet the both of you and we look forward to our next trip out :)

Thank you for the wealth of information you provide. You are a Gem!

See you soon~




Thank you for such an enjoyable and informative visit today. Your puppies are beyond words, both in beauty and in personality. My daughter Madeline is still talking about each puppy and how much she loved every one of them! Your wife was SO wonderful to my children and provided great 'mommy' advice - all of which my children paid close attention to. My son Carter is very confident with his 'pick' of the purple ribbon puppy and I have to agree. She was a love bug and seemed so laid back. She will fit in well in our home!!

I am going to print out your Puppy/Adults notes and carry them with me for a while, until I can remember everything! I will be in touch if I have any questions or need advice.
I'm so happy to have this information! 

Thanks again,
Nicole & Ken
(Madeline and Carter say thank you, as well)




Thank you for sending us this information.  We absolutely love Mia.  She is everything you promised.  She has the best personality, so sweet and mellow.  And she is absolutely beautiful.



Sheís just a joy.  She really is the most beautiful dog Iíve ever seen.  My father is in awe of her.  All my neighbors canít wait for a meeting with her, Iíve been so very careful so as to not expose her to anything that may be detrimental to her health until 16 weeks.  The kids adore her, as does Steve.  She is a barker, and we are trying to get that and the potty training all together.  Sheís still so young, but everyday sheís learning so very muchÖthis puppy is intelligent!   Sheís already fetching, and walking on the leash. 

She is as sweet as she is beautiful, she always rolls over for her belly rub, and a few kisses in the morning.  Very hungry, and the vet said this is completely normal, we have just started adding a spoon of yogurt  to one meal, as well as a raw component for her lunch meal.  We are extremely aware of feeding too much.. she loves everyone, even our cat!  Love her to pieces, thank so much for letting Bella be a part of our familyÖThere is never a shortage of loveÖThank you both so very much! She has really blessed this home with her special brand of love, and intelligence!  Iíll have more photos soon! J



Here's our sweetie Bella, with her "cousin" Ciera...She's absolutely
, we love her so much...she's got the ability to work her way into
just about everyone's heart...I say that she's Steve's new girlfriend...She
is such a pleasure...Her veterinarian said she is perfect.  We have started exercising her at the beach, not the ocean
side, just the bay side, and she's definitely a 'water dog"...
We cannot thank you enough!!!
Best to you all!


  The White one is Maximus and Fluffy's puppy


 Sorry it has taken so long for us to contact you and like many others, it has been very hard to find the words to express how happy we are with Ortley and how significantly our lives have changed by having him in them.  His sweet face and bubbly personality brightens every day and everyone who meets him immediately falls in love.

 Ortley is almost  9 months old now and we continue to be amazed at how happy, well natured, loving and intelligent he is.  He was a breeze to train with our Invisible Fence and has NEVER had an accident in the house.  Even as a very small puppy, he seemed to instinctively know where to go.  He has never met an animal (dog, cat, or deer) that he didnít like or try to befriend.  

 Thanks to your pet care education and guidance, Ortley is doing great and we canít thank you enough.  We look forward to keeping up with Woofy and Max and based on this experience, may be reaching out to you again to add a playmate and another member to our family.

Michael, Karin, Ashley, Ethan and Ortley



It has been a long time since I sent you a picture of the new love of my life!!!!!!! Bo is the best, sweetest, happiest, calmest most playful pup EVER!!!!!! His personality is getting better EVERY DAY!!!!!!  He and Dottie the Bulldog sleep like this and I soon need to get them a bigger bed....they play from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed with  few big naps in between!!!! They are just a great duo!!! I think of you every day and I am grateful that we found you.....he is just perfect!!!! He is all trained on invisible fence already and passed his 14 day training session with flying colors.....his favorite trick is PAW for a treat!!!! He is just a delight!!!! When I see him in the morning he gets out of Dottie's bed and I sit with him on the floor and he climbs into my lap and just snuggles with a smile on his face!!!!

xo Katie and Bo!



OMG......we feel as if we are blessed with the most wonderful puppy EVER......he is so SWEET, so HAPPY and so confident......he certainly is already family dog!!!! He loves all the kids and he LOVES our bulldog.....they go out for pee trips side by side.....he is doing great....only one wee on a towel inside but it was my fault as I wasn't opening the door fast enough...other then that I take him out often enough that he does all his business in the grass....230 am, 430 am, 7am.....I feel like there is a newborn in the house but this this little tiny sweet stage passes so fast so I am secretly enjoying visiting with him in the night! we are so excited to raise him to be like kooklah and all your other dogs.....they clearly lived in a home filled with love....your puppies show it!!!!!!
Xo Katie and BO


I want you to know that I went to our local holistic pet store today (5 minutes from our house) and had a LONG talk with the owner....we talked about everything you told me and how I wish someone had done so for me when we got our old Golden.....he thought SO highly of you and wanted your name for his files....he promotes good breeders and would love to recommend you as you are one of the few battling this terrible growing problem with a basic understanding of HIGH IMMUNE SYSTEM and LOW/NO TOXINS and all the ways to do so.  John, the owner, swears by NO VACCINES. He agrees that Bella's immune system was doing fine until she was bombarded by her summer vaccines (we had not taken her to the vet in three years because there was nothing wrong....then my "guilt" for what I was made to feel as "neglecting the health of my dog" made me take her month later she was a different dog and three months later she was dead.  MUCH TOO SAD and such a direct link.....whether or not she had the cancer already I will never know but she was doing fine with it if that was the case....her immune system got hit and the disease took over.  SO with that said, I kick myself but I was not ever educated....I did what I thought I was supposed to do for the health of my dog.  I got the name of a new vet that they love and recommend (Dr. K H,  Ct) and I was able to get an apt for Monday morning....he did not approve of the DVM M. F. Vet that I had previously booked with. So thank you for trusting us with your Pup....we will not disappoint you!!!!!


xo Katie, Nick and kids!


Eric and I would like to thank you for a very memorable afternoon.  Your dogs are very lovable and sweet, thank you so much for letting us meet them, they are very special.  We were very touched and won't forget our visit for a very long time.
After reading the info and also having a golden that received an active distemper shot and eventually died...  So I do not want the distemper shot for my new baby boy.
Thanks again so much for our special visit and the great pictures.
Eric and Sonya



Just wanted to thank you for allowing us one of Bebe and Hollywood's puppies. Our Chase is doing wonderful and we all adore him, including our other Golden Lily. He is very strong and healthy and has a great personality. Again, thank you and we will keep in touch and send some pics. The Lombardo family


Here is what the family who now has Ollie (Bebe/Hollywood male puppy) has to say about Ollie;

"Today Ollie was more playful with Duke and it was encouraging to see Duke respond just as playfully! I do believe that Dukeís spirits are better because of Ollie. The right food and supplements you recommended no doubt make the biggest difference. Thank you so much for Ollie. He might not save Dukeís life from cancer but your influence will give him more precious quality time and for that I will be forever grateful. Ollie will be the best medicine for me when the time comes and I can tell already he will be there no matter what. Ollie is sweeter than words can describe and he shows a sense of loyalty already. My daughter could not believe how he comes when I call his name. Sits when I command sit. Stays when I say stay. Pretty awesome I must say and Ollie is VERY attentive to perfection!"

Well Ollie says it is time to smell the roses!
Tell your wife hello and I know she will want to see the photos of his new home.

P.S. Russ found a great Organic Food Source only 5 minutes from us!!! Heís been there and Ollie can attest the food is the best!

Paw Hugs!
Love, Ollie





Thanks for the picture!  Phoebe is doing great. She is a happy and very healthy girl. Very spunky but not crazy and super loving and affectionate. She is just a sweetheart. My mom has been sick and battling cancer and Phoebe has cuddled up to her many of days and made her smile. Phoebe loves her grandma, her whole body wags when she sees her not just her tail ! She is beautiful.  Thanks so much!
Hope all is well with your family. Say hello to your wife for us.




Thank you so much for keeping in touch and helping me through the grieving process when Duke got his golden wings and joined his long-term friend of 11 years Duchess March 30, 2010. Ollie was a true blessing and kept our family whole even though it was hard on him too losing Duke the only golden to share his home. Now it is our turn to make Ollieís world whole again. Soon Ollie will be joined with a female puppy from his parents, the best parents a pup could have, Hollywood & BeBe.

Who knows, you may have a litter born to honor Duke born on his birthday July 14th.

I fell in love with Hollywood from a photo but there is so much more to him than meets the eye! Heís the best!
I know you told me that BeBe has the sweetest puppies. I really had no idea how really sweet Ollie would turn out to be!

Lots of Paw Hugs Coming to You and the Wife!

Russ & Shirley
Ollie & ?

(Now both Retired)

Ollie's Parents above



I wanted to confirm receipt of your PUPPY/ADULT NOTES including the dangers of Vaccines. Very well written. I just finished it and Russ is reading it now. What a privilege to have this inside information after living with two beloved golden retrievers passing due to cancer. Duchess passed with cancer of the spleen, which was a sudden death without our knowledge that she had cancer at age 11 1/2 years old. Duke had transitional carcinoma cancer diagnosed in June 2009 passing at 11 1/2 years old March 2010. I hope your pet owners take this seriously because it is not just a theory on paper. I agree that following these PUPPY/ADULT NOTES will greatly influence our golden pupís years. You know that I can attest to the changes I made as a pet owner in order to give Ollie the quality of life that he deserves.

and Russ



Ollie's Sister Lexi with Jennifer and Mathew

Thanks again for watching Lexi for us. It was so obvious what a fantastic time she had.. She had a vacation of her own!!! It makes me feel so good to know she was taken such good care of. She is everything to us and it made the vacation so much better knowing she was having the time of her life! Thank you for the pictures. they are fabulous. Can't wait to have them developed and put them in frames. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


PS..we may have to go away more often....Lexi misses everyone already!


A Ginger/Hollywood puppy (Ginger and Hollywood are retired)




   Been meaning to drop you a line for awhile now, but have been so busy around here.  We moved to Long Island about a month ago and am trying to get settled in here.  Also, lost my camera along the way and had to go out a get a new one and figure out how to download them so I can send pictures of our Ollie to you. 
   I can't tell you how great she is.  She is so well behaved and full of energy, but not too crazy.  She is absolutely beautiful, we are very proud to say and everyone that sees her is blown away.  We found a holistic vet over here so everything is well  in that area.  Ollie is just over 4 months old now and weighs 42 pounds.  She is growing in leaps and bounds.  Her diet is really good and she is as healthy as ever.  He gave us a flea and tic spray (natural--I believe it is Quantam) to put on her coat and we have just started doing that since we found 2 tics on her just this past week.  I am going to put down the diatomaceous earth on our lawn also.
  Hope all is well with you and your family.  We can't thank you enough for giving us one of your puppies.  We love her dearly.
Pictures attached.
Thanks,  we'll keep in touch.
Claudia & Joe



    Hello from Long Island and sorry it's been so long since I was in touch.  We've been busy as I'm sure you have.  Ollie is doing just wonderful.  She is absolutely the most beautiful doggie and we love her so much.  Her personality couldn't be better.  She is quiet, loving just wants to be by your side which is exactly what we love.  She gets very excited when people come, goes and retrieves one of her many toys and brings it to them just to show not to take.  She loves to run which we let her do everyday and sometimes twice on the weekend when we have more time.  She's in great shape, just about 66 pounds.  Still no shots and she takes her vitamins everyday.  She is still eating the Chicken soup for the soul food and I make her treats so I know what ingredients are in them.  We couldn't ask for a better companion and a better breeder.  She is so loving.  Her favorite spot is on Joe's lap on that chair.

Claudia and Joe


Hope all is well !. I now know the reason no one sends you pix.....they are all to busy with their puppies!!! Our Samantha is a sweet girl with a lovely temperament and lots of energy. We adore her! She is happy and healthy and LOVES the beach. I can see Hollywood and Woofy in her! Susan S.



Thank you for the updated puppy-adult notes. Lexi is doing great! She is such a loving and sweet puppy. She is healthy and happy and is such a wonderful addition to our family! She does everything with us. She even has a special place she likes to sleep at night curled up on the pillow next to mine!!! We absolutely love her!! Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you for the picture. Lacey is doing great! My two Golden's, Sadie and Allie are so good with her. They seem to know she is a baby, so gentle with her.
She is fitting in just fine. She is especially fond of my son Ryan, he is spending a lot of time with her, training and watching over her. We'll keep in touch and
send you pictures so you can see how she is doing. Thanks and take care."

Kathy & Dave

Just wanted to fill you in on how great the puppy is doing.  Her trip home was wonderful. she didn't get car sick at all.  She absolutely LOVES Matthew and he absolutely LOVES her!  We named her "Lexi".  Her first vet visit went great...NO VACCINATIONS!!!  She's in great health. 
Thanks so much for blessing us with the perfect addition to our family!

     How are you? We wanted to let you know that Lacey is doing great and growing beautifully! We get lots of compliments on how pretty she is with those long beautiful lashes. She is so smart, sweet and loving. We just love her! She has also taken to our Sadie and Allie, they love her too! Its great having the three of them.
I'm sending along a couple of pictures of her. Thanks again!

Kathy and Dave

(A Bebe and Hollywood Male puppy 2 years old)

All is well, hope the same with your family too.

Today is Bearís (a.k.a. Shooter) 2nd birthday party!  It wasnít long after arriving home we changed the name to Bear giving him his own individuality.

Bear is almost fully grown now and provides so much love to the family.

Thanks . The Waterson Family


"Bear" --What a handsome Golden he is turning out to be!  If Bear follows his dad Hollywood, he will get his full coat at 3 years old.



How's everything? Lacey is doing great! She's so beautiful! She is such a sweetheart! She sleeps beside me every night and in the morning
she gets up in the bed and puts her nose right on my cheek and is so happy! Hope all is well with you and your family.

Take Care,

Kathy & Dave

Just wanted to send you a pic of Phoebe, 18+ months and doing great !  She is a wonderful and beautiful golden. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season & I wish you and your family all the best .
Natalie S.