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Two of the finest personality traits you will find in a Golden Retriever.

     1) Our Primary concern is the health and well being of our puppies. We strive for excellent Health with all our Goldens and their offspring.  

     2) By mating certain personality and beauty traits, I have found their puppies can often have better personalities with even better looks then their parents.

     3) Beauty is important as well and has very little to do with hair color. Kukla is one handsome Majestic looking Cream Golden Retriever and Muffy is absolutely stunning as well. However, without good health and a great personality, the beauty can fade fast. I will teach all new owners how to achieve good health and Longevity giving your puppy a fighting chance to live into their 20's. I have a Lifetime telephone support.

 A description about personality.

First I will start with Muffy.

Our sweet healthy Blocky head Muffy (Maximus's daughter, Fluffy's sister) possesses the love for me that only dog lovers dreams are made of.  Please don't get me wrong, all golden's are wonderful and that is what makes them so wonderful to own. I believe, based on my 66 years of experience with many different breeds, all Golden's and other breeds are given different gifts when they are born.   With Muffy, I have never known a female or male Golden that before you go to bed , races ahead of you, jumps on the mattress and stands on her hind legs, puts her paws on my shoulders and her head close to my neck and licks me. It is as if Muffy is saying "I love you Daddy your so good to me" "Can I share your pillow before Mom comes to bed?" Well how can I resist! Muffy is the kind of Golden that loves to be close to me so without hesitation, after the big mutual hugs, she darts to my pillow, lays down with her head resting square on the side of my pillow waiting for me to get settled in. When I finally get comfortable, Muffy will take her head and move it between my cheek and my shoulders and fall asleep with her paw resting over my arm.. I can feel the softness of her fur and her gentile breathing as I drift off to sleep. What a friend I have in Muffy. She is the daughter I never had. I can just imagine what her puppies will be like. I am Glad I have such an understanding wife or I might be in trouble..LOL

 Muffy was the First pick of a Maximus Woofy litter. This kind of affection started since she was 6 weeks old and has continued every night and has become a ritual.  During the day , Muffy listens to everything I ask of her to do. She stays very close to me during the day when she is not playing with her Mother Woofy or Pepper which has become her best dog friends. If you are a devout dog lover like me, who could ask for more?  Her Puppies will take on the traits of her Mom and Dad.

 Muffy is the offspring of Woofy and Maximus. Woofy is Now retired. Anyone lucky enough to have purchased a Woofy/Maximus Puppy can attest to the outstanding demeanor Woofy's pups possess. Read my Testimonials.

 Well now it is almost time to mate Kukla, our 1st pick male and son of our very handsome Hollywood and beautiful Bebe with Muffy .

The parents of Kukla have it all with both looks and personality. Kukla has the same wonderful demeanor and looks as his parents. Kukla possesses a very vivacious, gentle and sweet personality. He takes after his handsome Father, Hollywood. He is both affectionate and smart. He outwardly cries when I come home after a few hours running errands because he missed me so much. Kukla has the most magnificent face. He weighs 100 lbs. of solid muscle.  I never thought I would say this, But KUKLA is, in my opinion, even more handsome then his Dad Hollywood. I always thought our Hollywood was the ultimate in Male Golden Retrievers, then Kukla came along.

Now just imagine for a moment what their offspring will be like. These two Beautiful and loving animals together will make, in my opinion, some of the finest English Cream puppies we will have produced thus far.


This is a Maximus /Woofy female we named Muffy



Our Boxy Head sweet English cream golden we named "Muffy"

Our Very Handsome Kukla


Kukla has very soft hair, very healthy, very agile, intelligent and very affectionate and the most beautiful almond shaped eyes . A perfect Mate for our Gorgeous Muffy. Their Pups will be amazing!


We are currently taking Reservations from qualified families for Kukla (AKA "Sequatchie") and Muffy for 2022

**All our new owners will receive a second to none, proprietary and comprehensive cancer and disease prevention education program starting when I receive a deposit to hold a puppy . I have spent the last 27 years researching this subject. Cancer is of great concern to me and should be to you as well.  We have a game changing 0% cancer rate with our Golden's in 17 years of consciences breeding. This is no accident and in no way a stroke of luck. This is the real deal. All owners following my exclusive proprietary protocol may have the same results providing you implement what you will learn from me when owning a puppy from one of our litters.

We have a responsibility to all our puppies and owners. We want each of our puppies to have a great home with their new owners that are willing to learn what it takes for their puppy to have a much longer than normal  lifespan without cancer and disease.


***Most of our stunning litters are sold out before the puppies are born , I suggest strongly , If you want to own a puppy from any of our upcoming litters, you reserve very early.

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