Golden Retriever Puppies

    Our AKC English Cream Golden Retriever Sire,

e " Maximus"  

Our outstanding "Maximus" has a Boxy head and short snout and is our affectionate AKC Male Sire. All our Puppies are Holistically and Homeopathically bred from our Gorgeous English Cream parents Maximus and our beautiful Myra.

Reservations now being accepted from qualified families

Beautiful healthy male or female puppies are available for reservation . The Spring/Summer is a perfect time to begin training a new puppy!

Myra and Maximus will be bred in March 2014 for an anticipated Spring Litter

If interested in reserving a puppy, please take the time to fill out the "Contact Us" form located on my home page.

All families receiving one or more puppies will be taught a comprehensive cancer and disease prevention program to keep their Golden healthy for life! We have a 0% cancer-free rate!

People fall in love with Maximus very quickly

Maximus and a Kukla past Male Puppy-Maximus is so gentle with a Ginger puppy. He approaches a baby the same way. 

The puppy shown is no relation to Maximus

Maximus's Dad is a top tier Championship Linage back to "Dew Mist Kennels"

Maximus , our English Cream AKC Golden, has an absolutely beautiful face and such a gentle personality. A total joy to be with. He is a very affectionate Golden .

All our English Golden's, since they have matured, have considerably more hair and feathering than this older picture shows.

I am so proud to have them. They bring my family and I so much joy. Words can not do justice.

Maximus having fun on a Scooter. He's a joy to be with and if your lucky enough to own a puppy from Maximus, you will see what I mean. I just can not say enough about Maximus. Plan Ahead for one of his pups!

Muffy is a Maximus Puppy

This picture above and below are Maximus's puppies and are in part why qualified families plan ahead and reserve early. Maximus pups are simply breathtaking


Those families lucky enough to have a puppy from Maximus will be overjoyed by affection these pups will display.

Those that wait until the last minute to reserve a puppy may find there are no puppies left to go around. Plan ahead!

If you would like to reserve a Maximus Puppy , fill out the "Contact Us" form on the home page and indicate that in the comments section. A deposit will be required to reserve a puppy. First come first serve.


A woman called me recently and told me her Golden Retriever just passed away at 25 years old. I gave her my condolences and I asked her what she attributed her Golden's long life too. After speaking with her at length, I realized that this is exactly what I teach each and every family to do with the Golden Retriever they purchase from us.  I want OUR PUPPY that will soon be your puppy, to live a full and happy life with you and your family and not a life that is all too often cut in half with cancer and disease.  I will teach you how to achieve Longevity with three extremely enlightening lessons.

All families lucky enough to have planed ahead and reserved a puppy early, will be taught how to keep their Golden healthy for life.

As a specialized breeder of fine healthy Golden Retrievers, all our new owners will receive a comprehensive , proprietary cancer and disease prevention education program with their new puppy. These lessons, once learned and implemented,  will create a much greater longevity with their new Golden.

 I spent the last 25 years researching cancer and is of great concern to me and should be to you as well.

There is nothing I can think of that is worse than having your Golden die needlessly from something that cold have been prevented.



A Few Maximus Puppy Testimonials:

Hi Ted,

Just a quick update:

Layla is amazing ... Kind ... Loving ... Gentle ... Smart ... Well behaved ... Eager to learn!  
Our trainer (Steve D.), who is a very experienced and well regarded trainer (he's often an expert witness in dog-related cases and has been interviewed about dog training on TV many times) thinks that she is extraordinary!  He is really impressed with her and her disposition.

 He told me that he may want your contact information.  


I'll keep you updated and I'll send some pictures soon. 

Any news on Myra?
Thanks again!!



"Ted...She's as sweet as she is gorgeous!  What a personality, reminds me of her daddy Max!  She's mastered her hug, and her kisses...Our little "kissing bandit"..We love her so....
Thank you so very much! "


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