Golden Retriever puppies


Bebe's past Pups with some testimonials

All of Bebe and Hollywood pups have been wonderful

 Bebe is Now retired , however, we have her Boy "Kukla" and her Daughter "Pepper"

We are currently accepting reservations from qualified families for Pepper and Maximus's upcoming litter expected in 2017


Beautiful Puppies from Beautiful parents

Bebe/Hollywood past puppy below.

A beautiful female Bebe/Hollywood puppy picture taken at 7 months old..

The most outstanding thing about Pepper and Kukla are their sweet and loving personalities! What nice Goldens!

"Maximus" below will be mated with "Pepper" Reserve early

This is Our handsome Male, Kukla

A Blond Golden Retriever from Hollywood and Bebe


Some Testimonials below

All Bebe Pups are Gorgeous, VERY attentive, agile and possess wonderful calm loving temperaments like their parents --

Bebe's pups have long eyelashes, long ears, long legs, solid black pigment with great markings and oh so SWEET! 

They are worth the wait. for those luck families with patience , the wait is over.. Enjoy your Bebe Pups

We have Pepper a female puppy from Bebe/Hollywood we named Pepper

Reservations are now being accepted

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"It has been a long time since I sent you a picture of the new love of my life!!!!!!! Bo is the best, sweetest, happiest, calmest most playful pup EVER!!!!!! His personality is getting better EVERY DAY!!!!!!  He and Dottie the Bulldog sleep like this and I soon need to get them a bigger bed....they play from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed with  few big naps in between!!!! They are just a great duo!!!

I think of you every day and I am grateful that we found you.....he is just perfect!!!! He is all trained on invisible fence already and passed his 14 day training session with flying colors.....his favorite trick is PAW for a treat!!!! He is is just a delight!!!! When I see him in the morning he gets out of Dotties bed and i sit with him on the floor and he climbs into my lap and just snuggles with a smile on his face!!!! "

xo Katie and Bo!



Hi Ted,

"Thank you for the updated puppy-adult notes. Lexi is doing great! She is such a loving and sweet Bebe puppy. She is healthy and happy and is such a wonderful addition to our family! She does everything with us. She even has a special place she likes to sleep at night curled up on the pillow next to mine!!! We absolutely love her!! Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!"



Hi Ted

"Thank you for the picture. Lacey is doing great! My two Golden's, Sadie and Allie are so good with her. They seem to know she is a baby, so gentle with her.
She is fitting in just fine. She is especially fond of my son Ryan, he is spending a lot of time with her, training and watching over her. We'll keep in touch and
send you pictures so you can see how she is doing. Thanks and take care."

Kathy & Dave



"Izzy is doing beautifully as these pictures show.    She is
currently having her first heat and will be fixed after that.  She
enjoys her raw and gluten free diet and has an amazing personality.

Thank you again for breeding such gorgeous and healthy Goldens."

Anne M."


Hi Ted,

    " How are you? We wanted to let you know that Lacey is doing great and growing beautifully! We get lots of compliments on how pretty she is with those long beautiful lashes. She is so smart, sweet and loving. We just love her! She has also taken to our Sadie and Allie, they love her too! It's great having the three of them.
I'm sending along a couple of pictures of her. Thanks again!"

Kathy and Dave



Picture on right above is Ollie now from Shirley and Russ

     How Ollie Started out;

For 63 days while Ollie was forming in his mother's womb, we focused our attention on Ollie's Mom. OUR VERY SPECIAL BREEDING PRACTICE'S WHILE BEBE (OLLIE'S MOM) WAS pregnant has allowed Ollie and all his litter mates to reach their FULL potential both mentally and physically BEFORE they were even born.
Ollie and his litter mates are now intelligent, healthy, calm and content with themselves.  This was all achieved through very hard and devoted work.
Lucky is the family that now owns Ollie and Ollie's littermates !!



Here is an excerpt of what the family who Now has Ollie (Shirley and Russ) has to say about Ollie when they just got him;

Hi Ted,

"Today Ollie was more playful with Duke and it was encouraging to see Duke respond just as playfully! I do believe that Dukeís spirits are better because of Ollie. The right food and supplements will no doubt make the biggest difference. Thank you so much Ted for Ollie. He might not save Dukeís life from cancer but your influence will give him more precious quality time and for that I will be forever grateful. Ollie will be the best medicine for me when the time comes and I can tell already he will be there no matter what. Ollie is sweeter than words can describe and he shows a sense of loyalty already. My daughter could not believe how he comes when I call his name. Sits when I command sit. Stays when I say stay. Pretty awesome I must say and Ollie is VERY attentive to perfection!"

"Well Ollie says it is time to smell the roses!
Tell your wife hello and I know she will want to see the photos of his new home.

P.S. Russ found a great Organic Food Source only 5 minutes from us!!! Heís been there and Ollie can attest the food is the best!"

Paw Hugs!
Love, Ollie

Some things in life are just simply worth the wait , Kukla and Ollie are each one of them

Our Kukla (Ollie's Brother)


A picture of Kukla below. Kukla is turning out to be quite handsome at only 19 months old


Plan ahead Kukla and Muffy 2015


All our pups have sweet affectionate temperaments and have lots of love to give back. They are also very intelligent and train very easily.  Plan Ahead and reserve a puppy from Bebe/Hollywood Litter

Ollie and His Dad Hollywood

When I explain to you about affection, I am not kidding "Pepper" has it all

These are very loving puppies brought up in our loving home. Lucky are those who will own a Bebe/Hollywood puppy

Wonderful with children and very old folks

How come our Hollywood/Bebe puppy can run fast like a Greyhound for hours at a time? 

"Kukla" has baby fine hair and was from Bebe and Hollywood PAST litter. He has the sweetest and gentlest personality. Simply put, a pleasure to be with

LOOK at those Handsome eyes! He has the very best qualities of both his parents.

Lucky are those that have received a Bebe/Hollywood Puppy



MORE Letters, Reviews and Testamonials from PAST BEBE AND HOLLYWOOD litter


"Hi Ted,
Just wanted to fill you in on how great the puppy is doing.  Her trip home was wonderful. She didn't get car sick at all.  She absolutely LOVES Matthew and he absolutely LOVES her!  We named her "Lexi".  Her first vet visit went great...NO VACCINATIONS!!!  She's in great health. 
Thanks so much for blessing us with the perfect addition to our family!


(A Bebe and Hollywood Male puppy (below) 2 years old)

Hi Ted,  

All is well, hope the same with your family too.

Today is Bearís (a.k.a. Shooter) 2nd birthday party!  It wasnít long after arriving home we changed the name to Bear giving him his own individuality.

Bear is almost fully grown now and provides so much love to the family.

Thanks Ted. The Waterson Family

More testimonials

For those families who wait to the last minute to reserve a puppy, Your chances of getting a puppy are very low...PLAN AHEAD!