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Woofy produces very stunning puppies with very sweet natured personalities

Our Gorgeous Fluffy (Woofy/Hollywood's Daughter)

Past Puppies from Maximus and Woofy below

All qualified families who were lucky enough to own a Woofy/Maximus puppy planned ahead .

Now is your chance to plan ahead for a Holistically/Homeopathically bred Myra/Maximus English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy or Hollywood and Bebe's beautiful Blonde color Puppies

Remember, for those that follow my cancer prevention protocol, your Golden will be healthy for life


Absolutely STUNNING!

Fluffy (Woofy's Puppy) has a very SWEET NATURED personality just like her parents. She is our Sweetheart

Reservations now being accepted from qualified families for a Pepper and Maximus upcoming litter of BEAUTIFUL FULL ENGLISH CREAM PUPPIES expected breeding in Nov 2015


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A Maximus Puppy Testimonial

"Dear Ted and Thitapon,

I am not even sure how to begin writing this email, because I can't find the right words to express my gratitude to you both for allowing my family to raise one of your puppies. Tayler has been with us for over 3 months now and she is more then we could ever have hoped for in a new family member.

After my last 2 American Goldens died this winter from cancer, my husband and I began looking at other breeds in order to avoid getting our hearts ripped out again by the "Golden cancer curse". We read up on all large breed dogs and inevitably decided another Golden Retriever was the only right fit for our family. That being said, we decided to change it up a little and go for an English Golden this time and to spend more time trying to find a breeder with a similar philosophy to good health as we have for our own human children. That is when we stumbled upon your website. Everything you spoke of regarding high immune system and low toxins spoke to me, and I felt we had hit the jackpot in breeders.

By the time we found you, we were able to secure 4th pick male or 1st pick female of Woofy's upcoming litter. I told you I was hesitant to get another female, because my first female dog was hyper until her final breath at 10.5 years old. You told me that Goldens should not be hyper dogs if bred well and so in order to get the first pick of Woofy's litter, we decided to take your word for it and go for another female. I am beyond happy to report that at almost 5 months old, Tayler is AMAZING!!! She is ridiculously sweet and as calm as any puppy I have ever seen. People cannot believe how old she is when I tell them she isn't even 5 months yet. She has made me look like the dog whisperer! While I have worked with her a lot on training and socialization, I can't even take the credit, because it really is who she is innately as a puppy. She behaves like a mature middle aged dog. My husband and I keep waiting for the day when she starts jumping and acting looney, yet in my heart I know that isn't going to happen.

Not only is Tayler calm, she is also extremely intelligent and has been a breeze to train thus far. She has slept through the the night since the first week we got her and picked up on the sit and down commands quickly. Would you believe that we can already put a very enticing treat between her 2 front paws and she will successfully "leave it" until she hears her release words "that'll do"? It is VERY impressive! She has also learned that she may only come on the couch when invited. In the evening when my kids go to sleep and I sit on the couch to relax, she comes up to me, sits quietly and looks at me with those puppy dog eyes. She is clearly asking, "May I come snuggle?" Of course I almost always invite her up, but if I tell her no, she lies down on the floor and does not ask again.

Tayler's personality is not the only jaw dropping characteristic about her. Her beauty is also astounding. Everyone who meets her refers to her as the "calendar puppy". Her sweet face matches her wonderful temperament and I now KNOW we hit the jackpot in breeders.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping to mend our family after the loss of Marley and Taj by blessing us with Tayler Jam. She is EVERYTHING we hoped for in a puppy and a whole lot more.

Enjoy the pics,
Emily and family"