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Our Mission


Owning a Golden Retriever is a lifelong commitment and not an impulse decision. We always suggest to plan ahead for your puppy.  Our mission is to breed exceptionally healthy and handsome Golden Retrievers with emphasis on intelligence, health, temperament and improvement of the breed.

Our involvement with the Golden Retriever is also our passion.  After our beloved Rescue dogs "Ruffles" and Cujo passed on,  (they were a mixed Rottweiler's adopted from an animal shelter and we had them for 14 years.) and after much research and time spent looking for a breed that would would fill our family needs, we narrowed our choice to The Golden Retriever. Wow! What a wonderful choice.

We enjoy both the American and the European British White color Golden Retrievers.  Since we are a small Breeder without kennels, our Golden's our kept as house pets and share our living space We think of them as our children.

 We "bin train" all pups collectively and are actively involved with socialization as well exercising our Golden's each and every day. Everyone who receives a puppy will get a Health Certificate, Health Guarantee, 49 pages of Puppy/Adult notes including a detailed description on what we do to prevent sickness and disease in our Golden's as well as a Limited lifetime telephone support.

It should be important to note , we make sure all our healthy, happy and great looking Golden Retriever puppies are well placed in well qualified loving homes. This is of primary importance.

***It is important to remember that the true cost of your Golden you once owned = the initial cost + Veterinary bills throughout it's lifetime = True cost.  You will find in many cases our Golden's are a fraction of that total cost. Learning how to prevent cancer is the only way to own a Golden Retriever that will have a chance for a normal lifespan which can be has high as 20+ years.

Home Page

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