"If I Were King of The Forest"

Meet Our Kind Hearted AKC Golden Retriever Sire "Hollywood"

HOLLYWOOD, Our Handsome Sire

Reservations Now being accepted for Hollywood and Bebe's CURRENT GORGEOUS Puppies

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Release date is March 8th 2014


Our Blonde Color AKC male Sire we nick named "Hollywood".   He is healthy, affectionate and intelligent.  He has large bones, a big head, big paws, black  pigment and a long gorgeous mane of hair.  Hollywood's Puppies inherent all his wonderful traits.   I would not want to change anything about our Hollywood . He is a wonderful Golden Retriever. All of his pups have been extremely healthy.

Hollywood at 4 years old









Our "Hollywood" Sire has a lot of character and is so much fun to be with.


Hollywood  has a wonderful disposition and is always eager to please. He is much more than we could have ever asked for in every way..

This picture above shows his incredible (Lion like) mane of hair. 

The most gentle, and affectionate male Golden Retriever I have ever known, Hollywood .

Lucky are those that own a puppy from Hollywood and Bebe.

Hollywood is as gentle as a lamb

Hollywood 10 years old

All Hollywood's pups are held with deposit only and are on first come reservation basis to qualified families only.

Lucky are those that have a puppy from Hollywood and Bebe....PLAN AHEAD!


When Longevity is important

All families lucky enough to have planed ahead and reserved a puppy, will be taught how to keep their Golden healthy for life.

All our new owners will receive a cancer and disease prevention education program with their new puppy These lessons, once learned and implemented, will create greater longevity with their new Golden.

 I spent the last 25 years researching cancer and is of great concern to me and should be to you as well.