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Fluffy and Maximus's handsome English Cream past Puppies

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See our current upcoming litter with Myra and Maximus. Past puppies.

These puppies were absolutely stunning just like Fluffy and Maximus's past litter below

All families receiving one or more puppies were taught a comprehensive cancer and disease prevention program to keep their Golden healthy for life! We have a 99.9% cancer-free rate! I teach all new owners Longevity!


Fluffy and Maximus pups 6 weeks old


Two of Fluffy/Maximus pups at 10 weeks old- (Fluffy is Woofy's Daughter). 

A Fluffy/Maximus puppy above 8 weeks old



Fluffy is one of the Most beautiful AKC Golden Retrievers I have ever laid my eyes onOf course , she came from our retired Dam Woofy!

Together with Maximus's distinguished looks and personality, their puppy's are simply breathtaking!

Currently we are accepting reservations for our stunning upcoming

Myra and Maximus Puppies

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"In my two year search for an English Golden I selected Our Golden Retrievers . Ted's approach to caring for his puppies is beyond any breeder I have found.  I was amazed at the information that is provided on his website.  Ted offers a wealth of knowledge online and personally.  I was impressed by his screening of potential buyers for his pups.  Ted keeps you informed as the process progresses. When the selected Dam/Sire goes in heat, to the time the first puppy is born.  He provides you with links to read , recommends a book to read that will support your knowledge with the Holistic approach in raising a healthy puppy thru adulthood.  Ted was generous with his knowledge in helping me with my 13 year old Golden Dewlee by recommending the proper supplements, which made a huge difference in his overall health

Ted and his wife Thitapon are dedicated breeders and invest countless hours in the puppies well being.  When we arrived to pick out our puppy, we found the pups to be stunning in looks and their demeanor was outstanding.  The puppies are well socialized and next to impossible to pick!  I was impressed at Ted's schedule for viewing the puppies, with time for the puppies to nap before the next viewing.  This demonstrates, that his puppies well being are his only concern.  Throughout the entire process, Ted is responsive to each and every question you may have if the Holistic approach is new to you. He advises you on what to expect on your first Veterinarian visit, answers any questions you may have.  Ted and Thitapon are dedicated breeders, they will welcome you into their home and assist you in picking from the most flawless litter of puppies I have ever had the opportunity to choose from.  I have had the joy of owning 5 English Golden's, this by far has been the most educational, interactive and amazing journey.  Bozlee will arrive this week, and I am  confident that Ted will assist me with any questions I will have along the way.  I highly recommend Ted and Thitapon as the Breeder of Choice for your Golden, you will not be disappointed! "

Marilyn and Bill