Golden Retriever Puppies

Our Sweet Natured Dam "BEBE"

(Pepper's Beautiful MOM)

Gorgeous Bebe/Hollywood Pups

Bebe is Now Retired

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Myra and Maximus

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Meet "BeBe" Our light colored AKC Certified Golden Retriever Dam

BeBe is simply gorgeous and has a sweet soft personality. Every morning she waits by my bedside for me to open my eyes and when she sees I did, Bebe smiles (she really does smile) and licks my face as if to say "Good Morning Dad". Bebe is just so sweet. Hollywood , like Bebe, is also a very smart and affectionate Male Sire. BEBE'S PUPS ARE EXCEPTIONAL IN EVERY WAY.  If you enjoy calm pups that will listen to you (provided you train them properly), then  Bebe's pups should be a serious consideration.  Their parents , Bebe and Hollywood, listen to everything!


Bebe and Hollywood pups have great sweet attentive personalities

Bebe's pictures young to current





Remember the story of Pinocchio? I guess I will have to have a talk with Bebe!



Hollywood the Sire

Our Very Own Sweet Natured Hollywood and Bebe

 Kukla (Below), Our very handsome boy from Hollywood and Bebe


 Kukla is the most affectionate male Golden Retriever Male I have ever have known. Walking Kukla is so easy . He listens to everything I say. His gorgeous hair makes him a stand out. He is so handsome, it takes me 20 minutes to get from Staples parking lot into the store because I get stopped by so many people asking me where did you get that dog!

Lucky are those that have a Bebe/Hollywood Puppy




When Longevity is important

With All our upcoming Litters

All families lucky enough to have planed ahead and reserved a puppy early, will be taught how to keep their Golden healthy for life.

All our new owners will receive a cancer and disease prevention education program with their new puppy These lessons, once learned and implemented, will create greater longevity with their new Golden.

 I spent the last 25 years researching cancer and is of great concern to me and should be to you as well.

If this is of little interest to you please look else where and do not apply.

Although Bebe is Retired, she has the best home with my wife and I that any Golden Retriever could want from their owner


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